Chic, elegant and rock, that's what you're all about, right?

This is also the artistic line of our collection. Our clothes are aimed at mums on the move. But not only ! At all women who like to look good (at the supermarket or in the evening.)

Whether you're the sporty mum slow running with her pushchair, the urbanite on her way to her next meeting, the rock mom on a shopping spree, or the party crasher, Milk Away nursing clothes are designed tofit your needs so you can move around all day with your little one.




Want to go to a restaurant with your boyfriend or meet your girlfriends for a coffee? We've thought of everything! All our clothes are equipped with aninvisible 30 cm zip that makes breastfeeding simple, discreet and fast. Withone hand, you undo the zipand that's it.


With particular attention paid to the finishing touches, the Milk Away collection is designed to make all mothers feel feminine and beautiful. To fall for the collection is to create a trendy and timeless nursing wardrobe that can be accessorised for every occasion.

Each item has its own mood, time of day or personality.

Can a nursing garment be slimming? Well, it can certainly help hide post-delivery curves! Each item is thought through so that its model, cut and colours correspond to the needs of mothers and enhance their figure.


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