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This is where we explore! Want to relax, find great deals or advice on motherhood? Welcome to Milk Away Backstage! We offer carefully researched content on all the stuff that mums are interested in. (Okay, that's a lot, but we're ambitious!)

Be a WoMUM!


Because when you become a mother, you don't forget the wife, daughter, friend or colleague you used to be. Look at all our good tips to make life easier for the Super Womum that you are! 

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Million Dollar Baby!


Cool, cute but not always convenient! Here, it's all about solidarity, sharing experiences and practical advice on what has worked with Milk Away mums' babies. 

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It's a family affair


Everyone is involved: mum, dad, brother and sister, cool auntie, doting grandma and grandpa, not to mention Gaspard the cat and many others. We provide you with our tips and tricks and a lot of information to be the happiest tribe in the world.

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Breastfeeding on the go!


And how is motherhood elsewhere? This is where we get to hear from mums all over the world. Did you know about the breast milk delivery service in Japan? And the longest maternity leave?

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